Hydraulic Fracturing

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Simply, What is Hydraulic Fracturing & What is the Fluid used for this purpose ??!!

Hydraulic fracturing is consider to be a well stimulation technique used especially in low permeable reservoirs. To overcome formation damage and increase the production rate. It is considered the 1st step in the water injection process by opening fractures in the reservoir formation to inject water through.

During fracturing, a special kind of fluid is needed to fracture the formation. It should have the flowing characteristic & must be compatible with the formation. This fluid has high viscosity to carry the Proppant. The Proppant is the main special additive in the fracturing fluid. It helps to keep the fractures open.

It mainly consists of linear gel, cross linker and breaker. Linear gel is responsible for making the fluid viscous. Cross Linker is responsible for maintaining the Proppant well-mixed with fluid during the main fracturing job. Breaker is responsible for separating the linear gel from the cross linker after a successful fracturing job and to leave the Proppant in place .